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RIGHT NOW: HUGE Democrat Arrest – No One Saw It Coming…

Since the day Donald Trump was chosen for president, a growing number of government officials have been working hard to knock him off the throne by exposing classified information. The distressing level of corruption in our government has turn out to be huge these few months due to this, and it was confirmed once again this week when a State Department member of staff was imprisoned and charged with obstructing an FBI investigation into her communications with foreign intelligence agents.

Western Journalism informed that Candace Claiborne, a 60 year-old member of staff who has been with the State Department since 1999, was imprisoned on Tuesday and charged with boycotting an official proceeding and making fake accusations to the FBI, both of which are criminal offences. She pleaded not guilty to all charges throughout a Wednesday court appearance.

The Department of Justice ma a statement saying Claiborne was accused of communicating with two Chinese intelligence agents who “delivered tens of thousands of dollars in presents and benefits to Claiborne and her family for more than five years.” During her career, Claiborne served in Baghdad, Iraq, Khartoum, Sudan, and Beijing and Shanghai, China. The State Department demanded that Claiborne reports her contacts, but she did not do so.

The DOJ said Claiborne received money as well as “an Apple iPhone and laptop computer, Chinese New Year’s presents, dinners, international travels and vacation trips, a Chinese fashion school paid tuition, a completely furnished apartment, and a monthly scolarship.” It also said that when she found out that she was being investigated, Claiborne “advised her co-conspirators to erase evidence linking her to the (Chinese) agents.”

“Candace Claiborne is accused of violating her oath of office as a State Department employee, who was entrusted with Top Secret information when she purposefully mislead federal investigators about her significant and repeated interactions with foreign contacts,” said Andrew W. Vale, assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Washington field office. “The FBI will continue to investigate individuals who, though required by law, fail to report foreign contacts, which is a key indicator of potential insider threats posed by those in positions of public trust.”

“As a State Department employee with a Top Secret clearance, she received training and briefing about the need for caution and transparency,” U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips said in a statement. “This case demonstrates that U.S. government employees will be held accountable for failing to honor the trust placed in them when they take on such sensitive assignments.”

If she is to be charged, Claiborne could get up to 25 years in prison.
This story is a good reminder of just how common the corruption in our administration has become. Barack Hussein Obama made it even worse by enabling such incidents to happen right beneath his nose and doing nothing to end them.

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Source: www.conspatriot.com

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